Rewilding your businesses for tomorrow’s world…

Inspire and excite, energise and ignite. Let nature shed a new light on your daily business challenges. Find a fresh perspective and inspiration in nature…

For a business to be successful, its employees’ health and wellbeing are key. Being mindful and present, reconnecting to oneself and each other are vital ingredients for a company’s growth.

GreenWise People delivers bespoke days in nature to all organisations, big and small – charities, community interest companies, corporates, public sector and non-for-profits.

“Most of us will agree, life is simply too fast and none of us can stay in the fast lane for too long without the detrimental effects taking their toll on our work, health, wellbeing and relationships.”

Whether you want to grow your organisation, improve performance, manage organisational change or simply wish to breathe freely for a day and refresh and re-energise your team through exploration, nature games and challenges in the great outdoors – we will be happy to help you do it!

We can offer a completely bespoke solution for your organisation, we will consult with you to determine the most appropriate and effective programme to help you achieve your company’s objectives.

Healthy and happy employees are fundamental to delivering your organisation’s long-term strategic aims. We will directly support and help you accomplish your goals – for your people and your organization as a whole.

We look to establish a long-term relationship with your organisation. A relationship where quality and price requirements can be discussed in an open and equal way, where a longer-term learning journey can be considered and a programme can be created especially to meet your company’s objectives.

Stop. Take a breath, reconnect, rebuild and grow.