Our Days

Examples of days offered and facilitated by trained practitioners – Maria Sprostranova, founder and director of GreenWise People, in association with Patrick Harrison.

We can offer a completely bespoke solution for your organisation, we will consult with you to determine the most appropriate and effective programme to help you achieve your company’s objectives.

Woodland Day – “Back To Our Roots”

Back To Our Roots This is a stimulating and creative day of activities, games and processes designed to build trust, and learn and explore new skills. Participants will work on team building skills and have the time and space in which to absorb themselves fully and connect with one another in new ways. The day will include: games, making items from natural materials, learning basic survival skills such as erecting tarpaulins and other challenges as well as review and reflection.

Woodland Journey Process – “Diversity and Inclusion Programme”

Diversity & Inclusion ProgrammeThis process incorporates the making of creatively decorated staffs, mud masks and paths enhanced with symbolic objects and miniature structures. The effectiveness of the session allows participants, through trust building and kinesthetic activities – supported by reflective discussion – to consider the past, and visualise a future which can empower their personal vision and achievements as well as enrich the future of the organisation.

“Wheel of Fortune” Dynamic

Wheel Of Fortune_colourAfter a morning of trust building activities, which promote an environment of honest and caring interaction, participants will work on a group “ground picture” made entirely from natural materials.  The process begins with individual “pictures” reflecting personal roles, values and creativity. The day progresses towards assembling a group picture at the centre of the “wheel” to define and summarise the aims of the organisation, by illustrating its key motivators, corporate ethos/product, vision and effectiveness.

“Woodland Village” Process

Woodland VillageThe “Woodland Village” progression is an effective tool to explore the structure of an organisation and reflect its effectiveness and how it can be improved. The participating group will build a “village” of dens with paths leading to a central area which represents the hub, or village meeting place, of the organisation…

Corporate Family Fun Day

Corporate Family Fun DayAn opportunity for working parents to spend a stimulating session in the woods with their children. Activities will involve trust building, challenges, games and the learning of new skills, in order to build relationships and increase confidence.