Patrick Harrison

Known to many as the Forest School “guru” – has spent many years travelling around the UK and training Teachers and Professionals from different backgrounds to become Forest School Leaders. Having spent over 20 years in the field of Outdoor Education, he has trained thousands of people successfully and has developed a passion for alternative learning processes.

For many years he has recognised the vitally important role of creativity in education, as a tool for developing flexibility in thinking, confidence and self-esteem. His own background stemmed from creative expression – through painting, graphic design and environmental arts. He taught art for many years as well as drumming and rhythm with adults of many backgrounds. This has given him a solid grounding in awareness of how the body offers a memory of its own, independent of cognitive processes. Also an understanding of collective intelligence, fundamentally linked to learning, and using it as a tool to develop and empower group dynamics in a host of different contexts.

Due to his own experience and the witnessing of others, he has also developed a thorough understanding of the impact of doing, playing and deep-level learning on all areas of development as a catalyst for fundamental and lasting change.